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1ET400 Amplifier Module
Price: DKK 2,178.00 DKK 2,178.00
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EVAL1 Stereo 1ET400A Evaluation Kit
Price: DKK 4,775.00 DKK 4,775.00
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EVAL2 Mono 1ET400A Evaluation Kit
Price: DKK 2,925.00 DKK 2,925.00
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Channels 1 2 1
Amplifier Configuration Single Ended Single Ended Single Ended
Analog Inputs Balanced (XLR) Balanced (XLR)
Speaker Outputs Banana-plug & Solder point Banana-plug & Solder point
Output Power 425W @ 1% THD, 4Ω 425W @ 1% THD, 4Ω 425W @ 1% THD, 4Ω
Output Current ~25A
THD+N <0.00017% (-116dB) @ 100W, 4Ω, 20-20kHz
Dynamic Range ~131dB(A)
Output Noise ~11.5µV(A)
Gain 12.8dB
Output Impedance <65µΩ @ 1kHz
Efficiency >94%
Idle Losses ~1.7W
Supply Voltage ±25V to ±65V DC ±25V to ±65V (VP) 15V (VDR) ±18V (VUNREG) ±25V to ±65V (VP) 15V (VDR) ±18V (VUNREG)
Length 82mm 146mm 157mm
Width 63mm 142mm 63mm
Height 33mm 39mm 35mm
Weight 145g 373g 195g