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January, 2024

Lyngdorf's game, set and match

Danish brand's immersive audio processors finally find their equal in this stunning eight-channel power amp, says Martin Dew  

There are two crucial parts of the MXA-8400's makeup. The first comprises the aforementioned Eigentakt Class D modules from Purifi (of which Peter Lyngdorf is a co-founder). 
In pursuit of a premium performance, the Purifi Eigentakt amp sections must combine with the second part of Lyngdorf's magic sauce, namely its 'PowerPerfect' architecture. 

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January, 2024

Oephi Acoustics Transcendance 2 stand-mount loudspeaker

You may have heard about Purifi drive units, one of the designers of which is no lesser audio guru than Bruno Putzeys, the man behind Hypex Class D modules and Kii Audio among others. Purifi drivers have created quite a buzz as a result but there are as yet not many loudspeakers on the market that use them, the first we saw were the Lyngdorf Cue 100s but this is the first I have had the chance to hear at home. If the Transcendance 2 is any indication, the hype was not for nothing.  

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Oephi Transcendence 2 with extra thrill power

The Oephi Transcendence 2 is an outstanding loudspeaker but one that asks the question: if this is right then are most other speakers wrong? This is largely a result of the flat high frequency response, something that the Kii Threes also do extremely well, but it does make for a less forgiving balance that means ancillaries and recordings are revealed to a greater extent than usual. I didn’t use anything particularly exotic in terms of electronics and played my usual mixed bag of music and the results were for the most part absolutely thrilling, in the Transcendence 2 Joakim has delivered a tremendous loudspeaker that while it won’t be to all tastes will be a revelation to many.

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Lyngdorf Cue-100 - Benchmark-setting Purifi technology

Purifi from Denmark has set new benchmarks in speaker technology by creating ultra-low-distortion long-stroke woofers. Purifi achieves the market’s lowest distortion, highest sound purity, and overall best measured performance. Several innovative technologies were developed to achieve this result. The most recognizable is the Neutral Surround Geometry, where the ring shape consists of alternating mountain ridges. The result of such ultra-low-distortion: Outstanding sound purity and a detail resolution never heard before. Lyngdorf’s own Air Motion Transformer extends this level of sound performance to the highest frequencies.

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October 10, 2021

Eigentakt powered T+A A 200 Amplifier

In our search to achieve the optimum blend of sound quality, power and efficiency, we have developed a completely new circuit topology which combines T+A’s unique HV and High-Frequency sine-wave mains power supply technology with that of the PURIFI Eigentakt™ output stages.

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October 7th, 2021

Some Speaker Problems That Needed Solving

audioXpress article by Bruno Putzeys and Lars Risbo

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September 28th, 2021

Troels Gravesen Purifi-6R: 2-way kit w/PTT6.5X & Viawave

Playing this rare Musica Nude vinyl recording, which I played hundreds of times, immediately made it clear this mid-woofer is special. Resolution was the first superlative that came to mind.

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