SPK5 Crossover kit (stereo)

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Stereo Crossover kit for SPK5 (note: multiple grade variants)

This crossover kit is especially designed for PURIFI’s SPK5 loudspeaker and utilize high-quality components from Jantzen Audio Denmark.
The crossover is designed with particular care for avoiding hysteresis distortion and is therefore completely free from magnetic inductor core materials.
Major inductors are selected from the Wax Coil series, easily recognized by its tightly wound wax-impregnated Cu/Paper windings.
Filter capacitors are, depending on which kit-grade you choose, selected from either the Cross Cap series (black capacitors) or Superior Z-cap series (larger/red capacitors). Please see photos for reference (value may vary).
The Cross Cap edition is a your high-quality yet cost sensible choice, and also the grade selected by PURIFI for the original SPK5 demonstration platform which achieved high praises in external reviews.
If you are all about upgrading the Superior Z-cap kit edition, with its impressive appearance and overall performance, is available to the discriminating listener.

It is also possible to purchase the PCB only. The PCB is design with flexible component footprints in order to fit different types and brands of inductors, capacitors and resistors.

The crossover kit is delivered in form of loose components and PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Soldering/assembly skills required. Order one (1) kit for a stereo loudspeaker set.

Please note that the example photos provided may not show the correct component values! For latest filter revision and component values please refer to the SPK5 Crossover App Note.

PURIFI reserves the right to at any time update component values, filter configuration etc. in pursuit of even better overall performance.


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The SPK5 Crossover kit is made-to-order with approximately 2 weeks delivery time.

One kit is for a stereo set, i.e., two PCB’s and two sets of all components.

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Superior Z-Cap, Cross Cap, PCB only