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EVAL1 is a kit combining two 1ET400A amplifier modules and a stereo front-end board. Highly suited for DIY projects and convenient for quickly evaluating performance of 1ET400A.

The kit includes the CAB1 cable set for easy connection to a power supply. (For more info see CAB1 product description)

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EVAL1 is an evaluation kit consisting of two 1ET400A amplifier modules and a stereo front-end board. EVAL1 is also very suitable for integration in DIY constructions.
The front-end FE02A is designed for easy testing of the 1ET400A and provide all connectivity and control required to operate the amplifier modules:

  • Blanced analog inputs connectors (XLR),
  • banana-plug speaker connectors,
  • toggle switch for enabling/disabling operation,
  • connecters for a (shared) power supply,
  • voltage regulators for OPAMPs,
  • Pre-gain stage w/ bypass option (jumpers),
  • status LED’s,
  • various pin headers for accessing e.g, I2C and status information.

Refer to the 1ET400A Product Brief and Data Sheet for all specifications.
It is recommended to mount EVAL1 on a heatsink, e.g., an adequately design aluminum chassis.

NOTE: 1ET400A has very low idle losses and high overall efficiency, however, adequate cooling is still essential for sustained power delivery. Careful considerations must be given to design of the thermal system in order to achieve desired system-level output power specifications. Given proper cooling the 1ET400A amplifier module can easily be capable of very high continuous power delivery and the module is specifically designed with the utmost robustness and reliability as fundamental properties. Most frequently it is the system power supply that becomes the limiting factor in a application incorporating the 1ET400A module(s).

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