PTT4.0X08-NFC-01 – Data Sheet

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Document includes the full specifications for PTT4.0X08-NFC-01

PTT4.0X0z-NFC-01 – 2D/3D Drawings

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2D drawing in .pdf and .dwg formats and 3D model in .sat .STEP and .x_b formats

  • Negligible Force Factor Modulation and Surround Radiation Distortion
  • Low Magnetic Hysteresis Distortion
  • “Real” long-stroke
    performance: distortion remains low over full excursion
  • Uncompromised midrange performance
  • Designed and Manufactured
    in Denmark


Driver size 4”
DC resistance, RDC 6.4 Ω
Resonance freq., fs 41 Hz
Total Q factor, Qts 0.37
Effective area, Sd 56.7 cm2
Eq. volume, Vas 5.7 L
SPL@2.83Vrms/1m 82.0 dB
Linear Xmax +/- 8.5 mm
Mechanical Xmax +/- 13.7 mm
IEC Power handling 200 W
Cone material Proprietary Fibre Mix